Introducing sex toys to your lesbian lover can be tricky. You might have all day to explain the fundamentals but convincing her to try one could be more challenging than you think. Many people are unaware of the vast improvements made to modern pleasure products. The best you can do is use proven strategies.

Playing with sex toys doesn’t mean you’re no longer attracted to your partner. On the contrary, it demonstrates your desire to spice things up and deliver guaranteed satisfaction. Admit it, your body can’t always do what you want it to, and neither of you is getting any younger. Incorporating lesbian devices could be a turning point in your relationship.

How do you spark up a conversation about dildos and vibrators without sounding like a creep? This article will explain the best approach so you can persuade them with passion.

Communication Tips for Introducing Sex Toys

Bringing up your desire to “spice things up” could be problematic. Some partners might see it as a criticism of your sex life. So, start by reassuring your lover with positive reinforcement and compliments. Then gently introduce the subject when the time feels right.

Personal pleasure devices are still somewhat taboo in certain circles. And many cultures frown upon using toys in the bedroom. Other people could feel awkward or overwhelmed by the thought of sextech or long-distance foreplay. Study the options ahead of time to help your partner get acquainted.

Here are some expert communication tips for lesbian couples:

  1. Talk and Listen – Let your partner know about fantasies and boundaries. Then listen to them explain theirs.
  2. Offer Suggestions – Give each other ideas on how to best satisfy aching desires. You can be as creative as you want.
  3. Discuss Limitations – Candidly discuss your physical restrictions to determine suitable solutions. Recommend ergonomic sex furniture to achieve your favorite positions.

The sex furniture topic can lead to a talk about toys in bed. Listen for hints to determine the perfect time, then approach the conversation from a tailored angle.

What to Say About Lesbian Sex Toys

Your partner will probably have many questions about sex toys for lesbians. What makes them unique, and which one should you choose? Playing with pleasure devices can benefit your relationship in countless ways. So, here is what to say when you get asked hard questions:

  1. Pleasure for lesbians requires precision ergonomics because of diverse body types.
  2. Sexual satisfaction can sometimes depend on how powerful your device is.
  3. Better sex helps improve intimacy for same-sex and lesbian couples.
  4. Sex toys promote safe experimentation to fulfill wild fantasies.
  5. Adult products can pinpoint hard-to-reach spots for intense bliss.

The best female sex toys also help partners experience deeper orgasms and a more meaningful bond with each other. Play it safe by following the instructions on a beginner-level device to start.

Answer the Fundamental Questions

The conversation about toys could turn into an intense discussion. Your skeptical partner might want more information before saying yes to what you suggest. Be ready to state your position and back it up with evidence and enthusiasm. It’s okay if you don’t have any experience either.

Research the pros and cons of using sex toys in a lesbian relationship. Then pick a few candidates to introduce if your partner says yes. Next, prepare to persuade with answers to these essential questions.

#1. What?

What are sex toys? They’re synthetic pleasure devices designed to stimulate the genitals for sexual pleasure. You can find them in all shapes, sizes, colors, and forms with various features, settings, and amenities. The adult entertainment industry is massive, and so is today’s selection.

DID YOU KNOW: There are dildos, vibrators, clitoral suckers, and pussy pumps to try.

#2. Why?

Why do people play with toys in bed? The reason is that pleasure products are robotic and enduring. They never get tired, and they seldom complain. Many devices also feature specific performance modes for female bodies. Pinpoint the g-spot, massage the p-spot, or tickle the clit with ease.

DID YOU KNOW: Some women can’t have an orgasm from penetrative play.

#3. When?

When is the best time to use a pleasure product as a lesbian? You can enjoy enhanced sensations any time traditional foreplay and sex aren’t cutting it. Go high-tech and play long-distance with Bluetooth, virtual reality, and motion sensors. Or take your toys in public for some spontaneous sex on the low.

DID YOU KNOW: Many compact toys have a travel lock and rechargeable batteries for convenience.

#4. Where?

Where can you use lesbian sex toys? The answer is anywhere. Many couples play with their devices in bed, but others explore different areas of the home or bring theirs on trips. Some playthings are perfect for traveling and compact enough for carry-on. Take advantage of innovative designs if you have plans.

DID YOU KNOW: Devices with or without batteries are welcome through customs in most countries.

#5. Who?

Who uses these devices the most? Couples wanting to express their affection are the most frequent flyers. Second are the folks desiring more from their love lives. Boredom is a passion killer, but many partners refuse to admit they feel stagnant. Sex toys encourage the conversation even if you don’t.

DID YOU KNOW: GoMag celebrated Masturbation Month with lesbian sex toy companies.

Promote safe sex and proper hygiene to avoid mishaps. Do so by discussing expectations and preparing for foreplay together. Buy cleaning supplies, lubricants, and other accessories before playing.

Sex Toy Statistics

Does your partner feel like you’re the only freaks on the block using toys in bed? Bring up these fun facts to change her perspective:

  • About 82% of American women own at least one sex toy.
  • The most commonly held pleasure product is a vibrator.
  • Today’s adult products market is worth more than $60 billion.
  • Europeans buy more pleasure devices than anyone in the world.
  • Many sex toys were developed to support female empowerment.
  • You can shop for the best adult products online and have orders shipped to your door.
  • Nearly 70% of shoppers report being in a committed long-term relationship.

You’re not alone in wanting to enhance your love life with advanced technology and skin-safe materials. Going above and beyond the call of duty for your partner is part of being in love. Express yourself in new ways while empowering your relationship with incredible sex.


Sex toys for lesbians are tailored to female pleasure and encourage intimacy between same-sex partners. Unlike traditional devices, these products target specific body contours to deliver custom sensations. Take your relationship to the next level by discussing the possibilities.