IGRP’s mission is to create legal recognition of people whose sex and/or gender identity are non-binary by engaging in direct legal services, impact litigation, legislation, collaboration, and education.


"The perceptions, experiences, and needs of individuals whose gender and/or sex is nonbinary: A qualitative study of identities, acceptance, legal rights, and access to resources" was piloted in San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco the week of March 11-15, 2019 in collaboration with researchers from The University of Utah. A goal of this study is to understand the lived experience of nonbinary and intersex individuals in the context of identity, community acceptance, legal rights, and access to societal resources. The project will help us educate lawmakers, educators, and health care professionals on the disparities experienced by non-binary and intersex folks.


Research will continue in 2019-2020 with a Quantitative Study in collaboration with major national LGBTQIA+ researchers. More details to follow.


AMICUS PROJECT - Passport Case

Lambda Legal filed on behalf of Dana Zzyym, an intersex person with non-binary gender living in Colorado, on 10/26/2015. The district court ruled that the State Department's refusal to grant Zzyym a non-binary passport was “arbitrary and capricious.” The case was reopened 7/3/2017 and - after another ruling in Zzyym's favor - the State Department has appealed to the 10th Circuit court of appeals. 


IGRP filed an Amicus Brief with help from Holland&Hart on 5/15/2019 with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Zzyym case on behalf of intersex & nonbinary clients who have (or will soon have) non-binary state ID and/or birth certificate and wish to obtain a passport with a non-binary "X" gender marker. Meet our clients:

  • Violette in Oregon

  • CP in Maryland

  • Mel in Utah

  • Charlie and AC in New York City

  • Xin and Char in San Francisco

Watch here for their stories and more details as the case unfolds.
Zzyym's Reply Brief filing date is May 8, 2019.
Amicus Brief filing date is May 15, 2019.


The second non-binary court order in the nation was granted to former IGRP advisory committee member Sara Kelly Keenan, an intersex person, on September 26, 2016. IGRP attorneys represented approximately 2/3rds of the people who obtained non-binary court orders in California prior to the passage of SB-179. IGRP worked with non-binary people in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Fresno, San Diego, San Mateo, Alameda, Los Angeles, Humboldt counties to have their authentic genders represented.


Because our resources are limited, IGRP does not have the capacity to provide direct representation in the vast majority of cases. In order to be most effective with the resources we do have, IGRP limits our direct involvement to cases strategically situated to win rights for more intersex or nonbinary US citizens. This is not a reflection on the merits or likelihood of success of any particular case. In other cases, LGBTQI-friendly private attorneys who are able to take on clients can provide the expertise and resources because of their familiarity, knowledge, and experience with the particular area of the law, while staying in touch with IGRP if they need assistance with aspects of the law that concern Intersex or nonbinary people. 



"....WHEREAS, [Intersex & Genderqueer Recognition Project] was founded by intersex individuals and 'envisions a world that recognizes that sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation have endless variations, with all possibilities valued and respected,' and consequently calls for a delay of all medically unnecessary procedures on intersex children until the individual can participate in the decision..."

Read all about this historic resolution proposed by IGRP and our partners at interACT in 2018

Additional legislation to stop medically unnecessary proceedures on intersex children is underway in both Connecticut and California in 2019.

Our Work on Policy & Legislation:

IGRP is working around the nation on administrative, regulatory, and statutory solutions to provide Americans with ID markers that match their authentic genders.

Policy Changes

IGRP is working on legislation and policy changes in a number of jurisdictions throughout the country. See our Resources page for up to date state-by-state advances.

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STATE-BY-STATE Non-Binary ID Project

IGRP has formed coalition teams throughout the U.S. to win the right for non-binary people to have their authentic gender markers on state ID, driver's licenses, birth certificates, and court orders. A detailed state-by-state tracking is available on our Resources page. States with project teams currently underway need your help. Sign up on our Sign-up form and state your interest in the "volunteer" field.

Current project teams needing additional team members:

Arizona (HB-2289 & SB-1454)

Connecticut (HB-5055 & SB-388)

Deleware (new team)

Illinois (new team)

Massachusetts (S.2203)

Michigan (new team)

New Hampshire (HB-446 & HB-669)

Pennsylvania (new team)

Rhode Island (team underway)

If your state is not listed here we still want to hear from you! Education is needed throughout the U.S. and with your leadership we can make non-binary and intersex recognition a reality throughout the U.S.

Collaboration with other Organizations:

IGRP Collaborates with local, state, and national organizations to effect change for non-binary people.

The PRIDE Study

The PRIDE Study is supported by the community engagement efforts of PRIDEnet, a national network of individuals and organizations that engage LGBTQ+ people in health research. IGRP is a Community Partner of PRIDEnet.


PFLAG San Francisco is a strong supporter of IGRP, sharing their booth at PRIDE and providing funding. Please support PFLAG in their amazing work for Parents, Friends, and Family of LGBTQIA people!



IGRP is working with interACT on issues specific to the Intersex community, including resolutions to stop IGM (intersex genital mutilation of infants & babies). We are grateful to interACT for their role in IGRP's founding in 2012.


Lambda Legal

IGRP has been in close communication with Lambda Legal regarding their groundbreaking representation of Dana Zzyym, an intersex non-binary person denied an accurate passport.

other organizations

IGRP works with organizations, large and small, all over the U.S. that are working on non-binary and intersex rights, including:


Transgender Law Center



Gender Justice League

Ingersoll Gender Center

Pride Foundation


Seattle Non-Binary Collective

Legal Voice

Planned Parenthood


Equal Rights WA

Gender Odyssey

Equality California (EQCA)

Sylvia Rivera Law Project

Legal Services of NYC

NY Civil Liberties Union

Legal Assistance Group

Empire Justice Center

MA Transgender Political Coalition


And Many More!!!


We at IGRP believe we are better together!

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