Help, my mom found my birth control pills, while searching my room.  I am an eco child, which means sex is fine, but chemical hormones aren’t. This is a whole new world where natural alternatives to birth control are welcome.

It is a strange new world where sexual expression is considered natural, and birth control pills foreign to the body. This is a primary concern for parents who brought their children up green. To my parents it is a frightful thought to have me destroy my health with a manufactured product such as this.

I am a product of people who are pragmatic about avoiding anything from a laboratory. When I am moody or bloated, it seems that my birth control pills usage is questioned. Personally, I would like something made from botanicals, to support my health. It is apparent to me that there is a direct connection to my weight gain and erratic mood swings. I see it in my friends and roommates at college.

The problem is most of us don’t entirely trust the condoms, or withdrawal methods. There are actually times that we haven’t had sexual relationships for a few months. We aren’t maintaining the dosage, and are on and off these pills, which means we reduce the effectiveness.

Our legendary sexual freedom comes with new kinds of pressures. Rebuilding relationships with parents that like to have you living under a controlled environment, isn’t unique. But the message of today is different, and the impact of our decisions will be carried for life. We are a generation on the brink, and all our parents’ lectures only help us realize that there is no straightforward answer. We have to bridge the gap between our unique situation and our parent’s philosophy.