Our Team: Staff and Advisory Committee

Toby Adams, Esq. - Executive Director, Advisory Committee Member

Toby Adams is an attorney in Northern California who has spent her career helping LGBTQIA people, alternative families, and people with disabilities. Toby received her M.B.A from San Jose State University and her J.D. from McGeorge School of Law. Toby has served in various capacities with Equality California, Marriage Equality USA, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center, and Transgender Law Center. Toby identifies as a bisexual, bipolar, cisgender woman, wife, and mother. The most important things in her life are her spouse, Jean (who happens to be genderqueer), and their very special daughter, Kalen.

Jean Adams - Volunteer Coordinator

Jean Adams is a genderqueer, bisexual native Californian with a BA in English from San Jose State University. She has been a Technical Writer, a Field Organizer, a Volunteer Coordinator, a Membership Director, and a PC Technician. Pastimes she enjoys are playing soccer, hiking, walking her dog, going to the beach, watching movies, and playing board/card games. Volunteer activities have included coaching soccer for AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) and CYSA (California Youth Soccer Association), acting as president of the South Bay Bisexual Organizers and Activists, serving as Sacramento chapter contact for COLAGE, and volunteering as a PC Tech for The Enable Network, to name just a few. Jean currently lives in the SF Bay Area with her wife Toby and daughter Kalen. 

Rebecca Adams - Administrator

Rebecca "Bexy" Adams (no relation to Toby or Jean) loves living in San Francisco and thrives with all the empowerment of self expression and freedom in the Bay Area. Concerned that our freedoms will be challenged in the coming months and years, Rebecca is inspired to contribute to an organization that is helping people express who they are - legally and otherwise. Rebecca identifies as a genderqueer fierce femme. She feels safe and honored in her own skin, and strives to help everyone achieve that as well.

Ian Brown - Events Planner

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Phil Crawford - Advisory Committee Member

Phil Crawford is the proud father of a gender neutral college student. He has worked as an escort at a women’s health center, a social worker in Fresno County, a community mediator and now sits on the Boards of the San Francisco chapter of PFLAG (Parents, Friends and Family of Lesbians and Gays) and the Bay Area Humanists. He graduated from SFSU with a degree in Psychology.

Rain Chamberline - Education Team Member

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Avery Grey - Advisory Committee Member

Grey is an intersex, androgyne, asexual, person of color and intersectional Intersex/Human Rights activist in the Metro-Detroit, Michigan area. They are the first patient to be recognized as intersex by the University of Michigan Health System as well as IHA Internal Medicine in Washtenaw County. Grey is  LGBTQIA+ co-chair for Metro-Detroit Political Action Network and a Huffington Post Queer Voices columnist and Facebook blogger.

Reid Michael - Social Media Coordinator

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Tom/Ms. G Odegard - Advisory Committee Member

Tom/Ms.G Odegard is an intersex person and poet who identifies as both a man (Tom) and a woman (Ms.G). They were born in 1940 in Amherst MA but moved to the Bay Area in 1948. Had a somewhat challenged childhood due to chronic illness and parental expectations. Graduated UC Davis with a BA English and a teaching major in English and Drama and toured the US and Europe. Survived the modern world as a house painter, contractor, handyman, massage therapist, circuit board shop owner, and real estate investor. Married their wife in 1983. Retired in 1988 to live on San Juan Island, WA, living a third of the time in Oakland. Joined the volunteer Fire Department, retired as a Captain, and are currently a member of the Fire Engineers. Karyotyped as XXY in 2005 and have been promoting the public face of Intersex ever since.

Galen Sanderlin - Advisory Committee Member

Intersex educator, advocate, and researcher Galen Sanderlin has been dedicated to promoting human rights of intersex individuals. They work in the healthcare field and have been deeply involved in expanding care for all LGBTI patients at UC Davis Medical Center. Galen is the Executive Director of Beyond XXY, Inc. a non-profit whose mission is supporting intersex XXYs the education and outreach.

David Strachan - Emeritus Advisory Committee Member, Co-Founder

David Cameron Strachan served as a board member for the Intersex Society of North America and was an advisor for Advocates For Informed Choice (now InterACT). As a person with XXY sex chromosomes, David was hormonally masculinized by testosterone (T) therapy without his “informed” consent. He has written about his
experience in Dr. Alice Dreger’s book Intersex in the Age of Ethics and 21st Century Sexualities - Contemporary issues in Health, Education, and Rights, Edited by Gilbert Herdt and Cymene Howe. David was appointed to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission LGBT Advisory Committee and was a member of their Intersex Task Force. In 2008, he received a KQED/Kaiser Permanente "Local Hero" award for his Intersex Community Volunteer Activism. David lives in San Francisco with his husband, Peter, whom he met in 1978 at a bisexual potluck.

John Sullivan - Web Designer

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Dee Shull - Communications Team Member

Dee Shull is genderfluid, and came out in 2011 when they realized their sense of gender did not match the identity they had been assigned at birth. They received both a B.A. and an M.A. in Communication from California State University, East Bay, and did their thesis work on how non-binary individuals communicate their identity on the Internet in spaces they control. They advocated for non-binary rights both as a student and as faculty (teaching public speaking) at CSU East Bay and have volunteered for Gender Spectrum CSU East Bay Queer conferences. Dee is passionate about educating people about non-binary identities, and has spoken to college students on many occasions about their identity and experiences. Dee currently lives in the SF Bay area.

Peter Trinkl - Advisory Committee Member

Peter Trinkl is an intersex activist who has been active in running the intersex peer support organization Bodies Like Ours. Peter was born with ambiguous genitals and underwent non-consensual infant genital surgery.  Peter is against the medical normalization of intersex bodies on a non-consensual basis, and advocates for the self-determination of intersex children. Peter was actively involved with the Intersex Task Force of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission (SF HRC). He spoke at SF HRC’s 2004 public intersex hearing and worked on the SF HRC report investigating the medical normalization of intersex bodies. Peter has also served on the Board of Advocates for Informed Choice, an organization actively promoting the legal rights of intersex children.

Addison Rose Vincent - Advisory Committee Member

Addison is a transfeminine genderqueer person and LGBTQIA+ advocate in Los Angeles, CA. Previously IGRP's social media coordinator, designing our logo and producing a series of PSAs in support of SB179, Addison is a graduate of Chapman University with a degree in Peace & Conflict Studies. During their university career, Addie traveled the world on Semester at Sea and studied at the prestigious University of Oxford in England, gaining unique perspectives from around the globe. They have interned for non-profit organizations such as Grandma’s House of Hope, the Newport Beach Film Festival, and The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, and currently serve as a Lead Advocate for Pride United, a program in San Fernando Valley dedicated to LGBTQIA+ survivors of violence. 

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