Protecting Intersex, Genderqueer, and other non-binary persons' right to self identify

Douglas Lorenz

Media Director

Doug, a straight cisgender ally, has spent the last couple of decades as a professional political consultant and public relations consultant.  He also spent four years working as communications director for California State Assemblymember Jeff Gorell and has experience handling many different types of media. As the rare combination of a civil rights activist and a moderate Republican, Doug has worked with many diverse groups and broad topics, and he understands how to view issues from the perspective of the audience.  

Sara Kelly Keenan

Community Education Coordinator

Sara Kelly Keenan is intersex, and like many people born intersex was unaware of this for most of her adult life because her parents and doctors agreed to keep it secret. Sara discovered she was intersex in 2012. She embraces her non-binary and intersex identity and wants to pave the way for other non-binary people to obtain a legally recognized gender marker. In September 2016 Sara became the first California resident and the second person in the U.S. to legally change their gender to non-binary. In December 2016 New York City issued her the first birth certificate in the U.S. to read "intersex." An avid hiker and mountain climber, Sara is a retired paralegal who acts as IGRP's Community Education Coordinator as well as being on the advisory committee.

  • Douglas Lorenz - Media Director
  • Rebecca Adams - Administrator
  • Sean Halle - Grant Writer

Sean Halle

Grant Writer

Kevin Sean Halle ("Sean"), a straight cisgender ally, is an entrepreneur and developer with extensive experience in writing grants and fellowship proposals for both non-profit and for-profit projects. Sean is a computer science researcher in Parallelism and Machine Learning. Sean has founded startups based on parallel processor architectures of his own design, and is currently founding another corporation  based on an ultra dense high performance micro-architecture.

Rebecca Adams


Rebecca "Bexy" Adams (no relation to Toby or Jean) says she loves living in the Bay Area and has thrived with all the empowerment of self expression and freedom here. Rebecca is really worried that freedoms will be challenged in the coming months and years. This inspired her to contribute to an organization that is helping people express who they are - legally and otherwise. Rebecca identifies as genderqueer and says she feels in touch with both her feminine and masculine sides. She says she feels safe and honored in her own skin, and wishes to help other people achieve that as well.

Toby Adams, Esq.

Executive Director/Legal Director

Toby Adams practices law in Northern California with a focus on helping non-profit organizations, alternative families, and people with disabilities. Toby received her M.B.A from San Jose State University and her J.D. from McGeorge School of Law. Toby has been a leader in LGBTQI rights for over a decade, serving in various intern and volunteer capacities with Equality California, Marriage Equality USA, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Legal Aid Society Employment Law Center, Transgender Law Center, and South Bay Bisexual Organizers and Activists. Toby identifies as a bisexual, bipolar, cisgender woman, wife, and mother. The most important things in her life are her wife, Jean (who happens to be genderqueer), and their very special daughter, Kalen.

Jean Adams

Volunteer Coordinator

Jean Adams is a genderqueer, bisexual native Californian with a BA in English from San Jose State University. She has been a Technical Writer, a Field Organizer, a Volunteer Coordinator, a Membership Director, and a PC Technician. Pastimes she enjoys are playing soccer, hiking, walking her dog, going to the beach, watching movies, and playing board/card games. Volunteer activities have included coaching soccer for AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) and CYSA (California Youth Soccer Association), acting as president of the South Bay Bisexual Organizers and Activists, serving as Sacramento chapter contact for COLAGE, and volunteering as a PC Tech for The Enable Network, to name just a few. Jean currently lives in the SF Bay Area with her wife Toby and daughter Kalen. 


  • Toby Adams, Esq.  - Executive Director/Legal Director
  • Jean Adams - Volunteer Coordinator
  • Sara Kelly Keenan  - Community Education Coordinator

Envisioning a world that recognizes sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation each exist along a spectrum, with all possibilities valued and respected.