"Nation's First Known Intersex Birth Certificate Issued in NYC" features IGRP member Sara Keenan as main headline on NBC News and is picked up by media all over the world. Read more:
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PBS Article - A federal judge ruled in favor of Dana Zzyym, who was denied a passport reflecting a gender other than "male" or "female." Read the Court Order finding the decisionmaking process that resulted in the denial was not rational.


Huffington Post article on Non-Binary:

We Are Non-Binary Trans People And Yes, We Exist


Click here to read an amazing story about an intersex woman.


A growing number of countries allow people to identify as other than male and female on official documents, including Pakistan, Nepal, Australia, and Denmark. At this time, those applicants with a passport listing a gender other than “Male” or “Female” must select one of those two genders when applying for a U.S. visa. A spokesperson for the State Department said this was a “technical issue.”
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The Guardian articles on the first legally non-binary person in
​the U.S. - Jamie Shupe:​​


Medford Judge Denies Petition for Gender Neutral Designation:
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Psychology Today addresses Genderqueer as a subgroup of Transgender: 
"As an umbrella term, the word transgender refers to those whose sense of their gender differs from what is expected based on the sex characteristics with which they are born. The transgender stereotype, at least in mainstream culture, is a person who identifies as the “other” gender and switches from a masculine appearance to a feminine one, or vice versa. ... Overlooked by much of the media are those who feel that they are not exclusively men or women—people ... who would like their own box to check."
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Intersex Media Coverage:
There will be an ABC Nightline special in January 2015 on the MC case against South Carolina for medically unnecessary surgery on a child with an intersex condition and Saifa Wahl (AIC board President) interview of him confronting his surgeon.

Also, the MTV show Faking It has a character come out as intersex in season two!


AB 496, which passed the Senate and Assembly on August 7th and 21st respectively,  was signed by Governor Brown on September 26. This bill amends section 2190.1. of the Business and Professions Code regarding continuing competence of licensed physicians and surgeons, including the following addition: "Cultural competency" requires "Understanding and applying cultural and ethnic data to the process of clinical care, including, as appropriate, information pertinent to the appropriate treatment of, and provision of care to, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex communities." BPC 2190.1(c)(1)(D) 

This may be the first California legislation that deals with Non-binary community!

Protecting Intersex, Genderqueer, and other non-binary persons' right to self identify


In Time Magazine article "Judge: Gender Laws Are at Odds With Science" California judge Noël Wise discusses the prevalence of intersex people and people with non-binary gender and their legal impact on "bathroom bills" such as HB2 and  cases such as Gavin Grimm's.


UK Parliament to hear arguments for introducing a legal ‘third gender.’ Read more...


NPR radio affiliate KAZU ran a piece this morning on the 3rd gender option, Sara Kelly Keenan, IGRP, and SB-179. * The number of non-binary people in the US is over a dozen, two-thirds of whom are IGRP clients. * IGRP is now training organizations like the Gender Health Center to assist their community members with non-binary gender change paperwork. * IGRP is now fiscally sponsored by The Hub for Direct Community Action, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.


After Sara Kelly Keenan's success in Santa Cruz county and three more wins -- one each in San Francisco, Fresno, and San Diego counties -- NBC News reports on our clients David, Xin, and Char stating that "Court Rulings Raise Number of Legally Non-Binary Californians to Seven."


Another non-binary win in Oregon: First Non-Binary Designation Ruling In Corvallis


On Monday, Sept 26, 2016, Sara Kelly Keenan became the
first California resident (and second U.S. citizen) to legally
​change her gender from female to "non-binary." Read more:

NBCnews.com  |  OUT FRONT  |  San Jose Mercury News  |
​ LGBTQ Nation


On December 1, 2016 NY vital records notified IGRP Advisory Committee member Sara Keenan, the first Californian to be granted a non-binary gender by court order, that they are amending her birth certificate to read "Intersex," which Sara says "is a dream come true in that it acknowledges scientific reality and says society is ready to accept that people like me exist."
In other news: Jamie Shupe, the first person nationally declared by court order to be non-binary, has been granted a new birth certificate by Washington, DC.


Following a hearing in San Mateo County Superior Court on Friday 2/24/2017 the number of legally non-binary people that we know of in California is up to nine.

Meanwhile SB-179, a bill which would require California to recognize non-binary gender, is in committee and "may be acted upon on or after February 24." IGRP is working behind the scenes to make sure the bill is fully inclusive of all non-binary people, including those who are born intersex.