Protecting Intersex, Genderqueer, and other non-binary persons' right to self identify

Legislative Initiatives:


SB-179 – The Gender Recognition Act

SB-179 would enact The Gender Recognition Act which 1) provides for a third nonbinary gender designation on California court orders, birth certificates, and state ID; 2) replaces the requirement for a doctor letter with self attestation for gender change; 3) removes the requirement for a hearing when no objection is filed within 6 weeks; and 4) clarifies the process for people under 18 changing gender. Thanks to the involvement of IGRP the bill language was updated to be inclusive of all nonbinary people, including those who are Intersex, and to add accurate definitions of Intersex, Nonbinary, and Transgender to the bill. Dozens of IGRP members have attended our lobby days to educate members of the legislature and put a human face on this issue.

Department of Motor Vehicles

On Wednesday December 7, 2016 IGRP Advisory Committee Members Sara Keenan, the first Californian to recieve a non-binary gender court order, and Toby Adams, IGRP legal director, met with representatives of the California DMV to discuss the department’s desire to work collaboratively with IGRP on non-binary gender designations.

Additional discussions are underway with the Oregon DMV.

State Assembly Bill - Recognition and Inclusion Gender Equality Act

This bill was submitted to the Office of Assemblymember Mark Stone again on January 19, 2017. On January 23, 2017 we were informed that Senator Atkins plans to introduce a bill (SB-179) that will deal with the DMV non-binary issue as well as other issues. Assemblymember Stone will be signing-on as a principal coauthor of the bill. 

Previously, in the 2013-2014 legislative cycle, several legislators were interested and the bill made it to the Legislative Counsel's office but did not get an author. IGRP has continued each year to work on securing an author for the bill.


DMV Regulatory Action

The Oregon DMV is changing their regulations to provide for a third gender designation of "X" on state ID. Hearings are being held in May 2017 to allow for public comment on the regulation changes. No legislative action was required to change the regulations.



IGRP is working with Washington Won't Discriminate to help stop this anti-trans "bathroom bill" from making it on to the ballot. Here are the Facts on I-1552. Washington registered voters please click here to Decline to Sign.