Protecting Intersex, Genderqueer, and other non-binary persons' right to self identify

  1. both man and woman (ex: androgyne)
  2. neither man nor woman (ex: agender, neutrois, nongendered
  3. moving between two or more genders (ex: genderfluid)
  4. third-gendered or other-gendered (ex: genderqueer, non-binary​)
  5. having an overlap or blur of gender and orientation and/or sex (ex: girlfag, guydyke)
  6. those who "queer" gender, in presentation or otherwise, who may or may not see themselves as non-binary or having a gender that is queer; this category may also include those who are consciously political or radical in their understanding of being genderqueer."
  • "Genderqueer was originally coined in the 1990s as 'Gender Queer' and was for a period written as 'GenderQueer' before setting to a single word... The term carries the non-normative and anti-assimilationist connotations of the Queer Movement and applies these to gender rather than sexuality."
  • "Riki Wilchins' essay from the 2002 anthology GenderQueer describes how the original 'Gender Queers' adopted the label because the intended-to-be-inclusive umbrella term transgender had begun to be most strongly associated with transsexual, gendery binary identified, and medically transitioning people, pushing out those who did not fit this dominant transgender narrative." (You can find Wilchins' essay here.)​
  • " simply as possible: non-binary refers to gender that is not binary (not man nor woman) and genderqueer refers to gender that is queer (non-normative)."
  • "Currently, both these terms are being, and have been, used in an umbrella capacity, and in the case of genderqueer only, as a singular identity as well."
  • "Because gender that is not binary may be regarded as "queer" because it is not normative, it becomes easy to see why these terms have been used interchangeably."
  • "However, queer is also often used in a radical or political context, so some who may otherwise have considered themselves genderqueer may feel distanced from the term, or more closely aligned with it, due to this association."
  • "Remember, the terms you prefer are entirely up to you! Considering the utility of umbrella terms and what you feel describes yourself best are what is most important."

Defining Genderqueer:

  • "A person whose gender identity is neither man nor woman, is between or beyond genders, or is some combination of genders. This identity is usually related to or in reaction to the social construction of gender, gender stereotypes and the gender binary system. Some genderqueer people identify under the transgender umbrella while others do not."

UC Berkeley Gender Equity Resource Center

  • "A person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders."

- Oxford Dictionary

  • "Genderqueer is a term that may be used to describe those with non-normative gender, either as an umbrella term or a stand-alone identity, typically encompassing those who are in one, or more, of these six categories:


- Genderqueer and Non-Binary Identities

Further Considerations: