Protecting Intersex, Genderqueer, and other non-binary persons' right to self identify

  • Passing legislative changes to the to allow for a non-binary gender on ID

  • Developing partnerships with LGBTQI organizations in the US and worldwide

  • Reaching out to intersex and genderqueer communities to assess the needs of non-binary people

  • Identifying non-binary adults who are experiencing discrimination in order to begin impact litigation


We Support these Demands

from the 3rd International Intersex Forum: 

  • To ensure that sex or gender classifications are amendable through a simple administrative procedure at the request of the individuals concerned. All adults and capable minors should be able to choose between female (F), male (M), non-binary or multiple options. In the future, as with race or religion, sex or gender should not be a category on birth certificates or identification documents for anybody.
  • To register intersex children as females or males, with the awareness that, like all people, they may grow up to identify with a different sex or gender.

​Follow the link to see the full list of demands from the Forum's Public Statement. 

Envisioning a world that recognizes sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation each exist along a spectrum, with all possibilities valued and respected.

Addressing Issues:

IGRP is addressing the goal of allowing non-binary adults to self-identify through targeted legislative initiatives and collaboration with existing organizations and programs. The project will be implemented by:

One World - One Humanity - A Rainbow of People